Summer Project - Fading Raw/Selvedge Denim (Naked & Famous 5 years, Wallace and Barnes Cone Denim 5 years)

Over about a month I used a diluted bleach  spray on these indigo garments, and left them in the sun everyday. The  sun is pretty strong here in Hawaii in the summer so I think it had an  interesting effect combined with the bleach. Please note that do this yourself AT YOUR OWN RISK! Bleach is toxic, dangerous, interacts in hazardous ways with other household chemicals, and can ruin your clothes!

I used household cleaning "Splash Free" bleach solution from Target diluted to about 1/4th strength in a spray bottle, and sprayed the items several times over a few weeks. Also flipped all the stuff over and let the sun really do its work on the clothing over about a month.

At the end, sprayed off all the bleach with a hose and put them in washer/drier.

Left to right, top to  bottom: Cheap blue shirt from Korea, Levi's sweatshirt, Naked and Famous  Weird Guy (5 years), Wallace and Barnes cone denim (5 years), old Chuck Taylors.

I ended up with a nice  pair of "dad jeans" for the summer with my N&F since I didn't want  really dark jeans for the hot weather here in Hawaii, it's just too warm  to wear really dark clothing. I wanted to go for the faded 90's look. The jeans weren't faded to my liking and I've found one way to bring out the character of the denim is to use bleach! (be careful!) I've found that lightening the denim can really bring out the beauty of it and also wonderful color variations.

The cheap shirt shown and the Levi's sweatshirt were a little too "new" for my liking and I wanted to give them a little more character, and using bleach made them stand out from something that just came off a rack in a store.

The Chuck Taylors were old and I thought I'd bring back some life to them by changing them a bit.

It's interesting that each item faded differently. It was obvious that the collared shirt (upper left) was the newest and definitely required more bleach and work than the other items to fade. It was brand new and I think the chemical coatings on the fibers are designed to prevent it from wear and fading.

After being in the Hawaiian sun and fresh air for a month, these garments feel really fresh and cleaned of chemicals when I wear them, and all have a really nice soft, worn-in feel.

The rivets  and buttons on the Wallace and Barnes have gotten nice and rusted over  the years giving them a really cool vintage vibe. With most jeans I've had the rivets don't corrode like that, so I thought it was interesting.

Bonus at the end: my new raw jeans ready for fading after retiring these to the denim archive in my closet. New pair of Momotaro and Denime ready to make new stories and history in a new chapter of my life.

Left to right, top to bottom: Cheap blue shirt from Korea, Levi's sweatshirt, Naked and Famous Weird Guy (5 years), Wallace and Barnes cone denim (5 years), old Chuck Taylors.
Cheap Korean shirt and Levi's sweatshirt.
Naked and Famous + Wallace and Barnes Cone Denim
Naked and Famous, now high quality "dad jeans"!
Cheap tortoiseshell glasses.
Old Chuck Taylors.
Momotaro and Denime.
Spray bottle of bleach (Use at your own risk).